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We love where we live, and we love what we do.

After years of real estate work and building our own service based businesses, we found that our skills and experiences are uniquely positioned to provide the most value to those individuals looking for investment value in real estate.

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we are passionate about long-term growth.

We understand the wisdom of a well balanced portfolio that can ride out the fluctuations of the world economy. We also understand the desire to have an asset that can fulfill more than one goal. Positioned correctly, real estate investment can provide regular cashflow, long term appreciation as well as a place to visit (think vacation home that you can use but also gets rented out) or a place to work.

real estate

We believe it’s not just your first home, it’s your first step in building your family wealth.

We appreciate being chosen by homebuyers who are looking for their first home. We engage in the process of assessing homes not only for your comfort but for the future appreciation of that home. If we plan to maximize your return with the selection of the right home, the faster a homebuyer gets into a second home or an investment property. Ask us more about real estate as a fantastic leveraged investment.

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our relationship often doesn’t end after the transaction.

We develop excellent working relationships with our clients, some call it a comfortable cadence. Our clients trust our advice and appreciate our communication and action orientation. At the request of our clients, we founded the property management arm of Range Properties. We manage portfolio properties for our clients and offer the same personalized communication and care that clients have come to expect from our real estate services.

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The first step involves analyzing the situation, outlining goals, and then putting together a plan and a team to reach those goals—together.


Money often comes from long-held assets, some that have been in the family for years. Navigating the sale for top dollar is our priority.


Turn proceeds into assets that work for you and help you achieve goals, whether that is cash flow generation or long-term value growth.