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Intro to Bozeman

Midterm Rentals in Bozeman

by Liz Nitz

Midterm Rentals in Bozeman

Moblhom provides much-needed midterm rentals in Bozeman

Ashley McCullough launched Moblhom in 2019 after her own experience with Bozeman’s housing market. When she and her family first moved to town they were living out of a rental while their home was being built. But they soon faced a housing dilemma when their home’s completion date was delayed two months. They had to be out of their current rental, but options were slim for anything more than two weeks or less than one year. “I kept asking myself, ‘why aren’t people doing midterm rentals?’” shares Ashley.


What Is a Midterm Rental?

The midterm rental market, defined as properties leased for one to 11 months, is one that is becoming a necessity in Bozeman’s hot housing market. This summer saw a huge influx of out-of-town buyers and tourists who rented homes in Bozeman for a few months to get a feel for the area and look at properties. The market also saw families who needed midterm rentals while their homes were being renovated during the busy summer construction months. According to their website, Moblhom’s sweet spot is two-to-six-month rentals, usually furnished, an ideal fit for people who need more than a vacation but less than an annual rental.

Booking a rental on Moblhom takes about 15 minutes and listing your own home is also that quick and simple. The site has listings in Missoula, Livingston, Big Sky and Bozeman. Expansion to Boise is happening now. McCullough and Fitzpatrick put a lot of focus on strong customer service and community. “You want to have a community, not a site. People are dying for a person to answer the phone. We will always have a boots on the ground person, a community manager to answer any questions.” 


Why Bozeman?

Moblhom is just one of many tech companies based in Bozeman. (This story from Fast Company explains why our little mountain town is such a draw.) “Bozeman is spectacular. It’s not a little bit of something, it’s a lot of something. I ski, ski and ski, and mountain bike,” shares Ashley, who was a New Yorker for 20 years. Moblhom’s Community Strategist Courtney Fitzpatrick, who has worked for Trivago and local tech company Wisetail, is equally enamored with Bozeman. “The quality of life is what drew me in.”

When the pandemic flipped the script on housing demand, it turned Bozeman into an even desirable place to live. Remote workers can now live anywhere and they want plenty of open space, low population and options for outdoor recreation. The latest Gallatin Association of Realtors Market Watch reports that closed sales have gone up by 57.7% on all properties and the median sales price has shot up by 30.4% since last year. We’re currently seeing multiple offers, cash offers, and properties being bought sight-unseen.

Because the housing market is so competitive, it might take a little time to find a home in Bozeman right now. Midterm rentals are a great way to get a feel for Bozeman and the surrounding areas. When you’re ready to buy, let me help you find the perfect home for you. Contact me at


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